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A thought leadership think tank comprised of national renown speaker, coaches, and consultants, providing innovative, custom solutions to your organization's challenges.
Beth Clark
Change Architect, Trainer, Speaker
Beth Clark, President and CEO, of Allegro Training & Consulting, specializes in developing innovative training and consulting experiences that replace archaic business practices with cutting edge, results driven, visionary business strategies. Whether working with her clients as a consultant, executive coach, or keynote/ seminar speaker, her focus is always on achieving the next step in excellence.
Dr. Mel Campbell
Leader, Motivator, Educator
For the last 13 years Dr. Mel Campbell has been inspiring individual lives internationally. By sharing his message in over 300 cities throughout 6 different countries, he has given close to 1000 presentations and inspired over 35,000 students.
Malla Haridat
Speaker, Trainer, Coach
Plenty of leaders motivate. Many inspire. But few transform. Highly sought after, award winning entrepreneurship expert, Malla Haridat, does just that: TRANSFORM. Whether she’s training social and business entrepreneurs how to run successful enterprises that educate, empower and support others.
Tim Hast
Speaker, Coach, Author
I coach, train, and facilitate soft skills in the workplace. Your technical skills will get you the job, but you need effective relationship and communication skills to help you keep your job. I help others discover interpersonal skills that create effective leaders, and provide practical tools for leaders at every level.

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Watch nationally renowned Allegro speakers and consultants as they produce extraordinary results with their clients.

How We Transform Organizations and Individuals

At Allegro Training & Consulting we believe that every human being, every organization and every culture stands ready, on the brink of profound change and is capable of growth and breakthrough increases in levels of performance, productivity and personal enrichment. It is with that premise in mind that we coach people at all levels of organization and life. We are committed to bringing every individual, every team and every company that we work with unprecedented results in those areas they confirm as their goal and intention.
Consulting and Coaching

Allegro is committed to your growth and development! Change does not happen in a vacuum. It takes a team of committed, thoughtful individuals to shift paradigms and innovate change. Through individualized coaching and organizational consulting, we help you develop leaders and design your future.

Seminars, Training & Speaking

Results-driven training services are designed to cut your learning curve in half and accelerate the growth of your bottom line! We deliver cutting edge, customized training experiences for your company. Whether you need a key note, conference break out session, lunch and learn, or in-depth training program, you can count on Allegro Speakers to deliver your desired results!

Resources, Webinars, And E-Learning

Our resources combine a breadth of insight, knowledge and how-to that is unsurpassed in the industry. They are specifically designed to give you in-depth answers to perplexing questions. Contact Allegro Speakers at to find out about our customized Webinars, Books, Videos, DVDs, CDs, E-Learning, Industry Reports, and so much more!

Customized Needs Assessments

We believe that real change requires real work! We do not “scratch the surface.” We get inside the challenge, and through one-on-one interviews, focus groups and in-depth work-culture analysis, we create needs assessment reports, organizational change recommendations, and detailed leadership development programs.

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What Our Clients Say

Who Is Allegro?

We are a select team of the best speakers, coaches, and consultants in the areas of LEADERSHIP and ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE and INNOVATION. We operate cohesively, as a THINK TANK, to solve your most salient problems. We start with RESULTS and lead you to them.
How do we make such big promises and deliver every time? We DESIGN "your" solutions!
  • Guaranteed Results

    Problems with staff members, vendors, customers or management? We’ll identify your needs, address your specific issues and make sure that you walk out the door with results. Through candid analysis, straightforward communication and effective skills, we’ll help you find the appropriate solution for any problem. We back up that promise with our money-back guarantee.

  • Customized Programs

    You will be listened to! Through personal interviews our trainers will make realistic assessments of your unique situation and create custom-designed trainings.

  • Years of Training, Speaking, and Consulting Experience

    Allegro presents motivational keynote speeches, seminars and breakout sessions for audiences of all sizes in the USA and abroad. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies and educational institutions. Our presenters are professionally educated and have over three decades of combined training experience.

  • Problems Resolved & Breakthrough Techniques

    Whether you want motivated productive staff members, easy-to-use skills to resolve specific problems, improved employee retention or an increased bottom line, you can be sure we’ll get the job done. With education and experience in a number of innovative methods, you can be sure that we will achieve results!

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Allegro provides the perfect training, seminar, presentation, or workshop to assist you in bringing about excellence.