Beth Clark


Beth ClarkBeth Clark: Change Architect, Leader, Speaker, Motivational Specialist

Beth Clark, President and CEO, of Allegro Training & Consulting, specializes in developing innovative training and consulting experiences that replace archaic business practices with cutting edge, results driven, visionary business strategies.  Whether working with her clients as a consultant, executive coach, or keynote/ seminar speaker, her focus is always on achieving the next step in excellence.  She addresses thousands of people each year with dynamic, humorous and thought-provoking deliveries to Fortune 500 companies, universities and private firms.  Her innovative, transformational style combined with intellectual capitol works to create fundamental paradigm shifts, leading to unprecedented results – results that increase market share and increase client and employee satisfaction, productivity and retention/promotion.

Beth has written many books and articles on multiculturalism and success development, and has been a contributing writer to magazines and books such as Diversity, Inc. and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

She combines her University of Kansas degree in Psychology; years of human development work in the healthcare industry and extensive studies in multiculturalism to provide in-depth insights into the success motivators of individuals, teams and organizations.  She is committed to teaching individuals and organizations how to attain maximum productivity and success, retain and promote diverse talent and dramatically increase their multicultural market share.