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Your Ideas Will Influence the Lawrence Kansas Police Department

PURPOSE OF LAWRENCE KS CITIZEN SURVEY: Allegro Training & Consulting is conducting an independent study, commissioned through the City of Lawrence, to determine Lawrence citizen’s sense of engagement/interaction, safety, and support with their local Lawrence Kansas Police Department (LKPD). Thank you for participating in our anonymous survey (no personal details can be tracked from survey monkey…your location, computer and social media systems will be completely anonymous). This survey is designed as a tool to generate ideas and insights for improved relations and law enforcement practices with the LKPD and the citizens they serve. Your feedback is valued and appreciated!

TIME COMMITMENT & DIRECTIONS: 10-minute survey without comments… approximately 20-minute survey with comments. Skip any Questions and move onto the next.  Move forward or back in the survey as you wish.



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SURVEY RUNS:  August 7 to September 15, 2017

RESULTS OF SURVEY:  Allegro Training & Consulting will present summary survey results at a future City Commission Meeting (date TBA) and the summary information will be readily available in several public formats. 


Survey findings along with recommendations will be developed by Allegro Training & Consulting staff and reviewed by a diverse/multicultural/intersectional community review board. The final findings and recommendations will be reported in general terms with relevant data* including (but not limited to) gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomics, etc. This is an anonymous survey and we will NOT publish data/comments from any individual survey respondent that might inadvertently suggest someone’s identity. Rather, Allegro will be looking for patterns that emerge from the survey results and report the information in a summary format.


When appropriate &/or with permission, Allegro will also provide anecdotal feedback & suggestions from survey respondents including individual interviews, focus groups, and research to generate a depth and breadth of ideas for enhancing Lawrence citizen & LKPD relationships. Your time and ideas will not only contribute to Allegro’s findings/recommendations report, but also the LKPD’s strategic planning in the areas of Recruiting and Hiring, Officer and Civilian Career Development, Citizen and Community Engagement, and Measurement & Evaluation processes.  The LKPD WON’T have access to the survey and will only receive the information delivered to the public.


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To receive notification of the final survey results reports, go to our landing page when the survey closes:

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CONTENT WARNING: Taking this survey could be triggering for some people. Topics in this survey include Victim/Survivor language: Abuse/Neglect/Assault  (-physical, -mental, -emotional, -verbal, -sexual, -child) and Mental Illness. Allegro Training & Consulting asks for specific demographic and anecdotal experiences so that we can give thorough recommendations to the LKPD/PUBLIC to improve law enforcement practices.

DEMOGRAGHICS SECTION OF SURVEY:  The demographics section is optional (answer all, some, or none). However, they are extremely helpful for determining patterns and trends. Be assured that these demographics will not be used in any way to highlight a specific individuals’ surveys results. The final results and recommendations will include the findings from this survey as well as additional interviews, focus groups and research done by Allegro. We realize that for some people, their demographics are personal, so we take great care to provide individual anonymity and confidentiality.  

*We attempted to be as inclusive of Lawrence Kansas demographics as possible, without losing vital statistical validity.  We apologize if your identity was not directly named and we give you every opportunity to specify your identity below.