Coaching Your Team to Excellence

Coaching Your Team to Excellence

Untitled design (4)Everyone is talking about coaching, but what exactly is coaching? A lot of leaders are uncomfortable with the term, don’t understand what it is and so avoid it altogether.

Coaching is having a conversation with your employees where you ask instead of telling. Coaching is addressing performance problems before they become problems. Coaching is prevention. W. Edwards Deming said that 95% of the problems we encounter with our workers are problems we create. Coaching conversations eliminate a lot of those problems and they empower people to become more effective.


Participants will discover:

  • The 7 Steps for effective management and where coaching comes into the process
  • Why great leaders coach
  • Rationale for coaching
  • Progressive discipline and where coaching fits process
  • Coaching models: The GOOD model, The GROW model
  • Coaching Questions
  • Coaching to provide feedback, correction, and improve performance

Participants will practice coaching throughout the entire seminar!

Allegro Speakers draw on their extensive experience as executive coaches and will lead you through the process of learning to ask the right questions, listen and help you release the potential in each of your team members!