Dr. Mel Campbell

Dr. Mel Campbell: Leader, Educator, Motivator

Dr. Mel Campbell

For the last 17 years, Dr. Mel has taught and spoke in over 323 cities throughout 6 countries, he has given close to 1,100 presentations, and motivated over 47,500 students. Dr. Mel has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals over the radio and the news. Dr. Mel combines theories of motivation and psychology in his teaching. Dr. Mel will help your employees learn how to improve their customer service, sales and communication skills that will bring them maximum success.

Services Dr. Mel provides

He uses psychology training to improve employee’s productivity and change their negative perceptions

He will help enhance employee external/internal communication skills

He can analyze employee’s negative behavior patterns and suggest changes in the future

He will analyze and pinpoint issues impacting employee motivation and provide sound strategies to enhance their motivation

He will advise employees on ways to achieve company goals and to get more done with less

He will show your employees techniques and tools that will raise their skill levels

He will help create strategies and solutions to improve employee performance

He will assist employees on raising their level of customer service skills

He delivers high-energy motivation with lasting results in his presentations

He supports your company after the training or speech to ensure lessons are applied via coaching, webinars and CD’s

Dr. Mel’s education includes a MBA from Northwood University, Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee and a Doctorate in Psychology where he maintained a 3.9 GPA. Dr. Mel is a Certified Executive Coach.