Life in Balance: Replacing Stress With Thought and Humor Management

Life in Balance:
Replacing Stress with Thought and Humor Management

Do you and your employees feel overwhelmed by responsibility at work and at home?

Do you feel so stressed out that sometimes you’d like to quit your job? Or your employees are ready to walk?

Want you and your fellow employees to be stress-free and thus more creative, more productive at work
Are changes happening in the workplace so fast that people feel they can’t take it any more?

Are you experiencing more tardiness, absenteeism and sick days that are effecting the bottom-line?

Would you like everyone to get more done, work fewer hours and make more money?
“I cannot stress enough the degree to which this company has altered as a result of your work. I am amazed at the life, the spirit and the efficiency present now.” – Mary Anne Ritter, Marketing Director, Portfolio Center

We’ll teach all of you to:

  • Keep cool in a sea of changing work environments, burdensome work loads and storms of stressstree picture
  • Quickly eradicate stress with life-changing, innovative techniques to maintain self control in any situation
  • Recognize and understand belief systems and personal rules that can lead to more stress
  • Clarify purpose to bring focus and direction to life and to the workplace — Have a relaxed, more creative staff
  • Increase immune response, feel healthier and feel true success — And reduce absenteeism and tardiness
  • Identify the different cultural communication styles that can lead to tension and learn to resolve them
  • Redirect anger into a creative energy source that expands productivity and eliminates pain
  • Separate work from home to create a Life in Balance

“Quit working harder. Work smarter and leave stress behind. Quit working more. Work less and be more productive. Quit hating your job. Learn to love it and make more money. Quit getting stressed out. Practice excessive happiness and love your life.”